It’s Your Time


Hey ladies,
   I’m pretty sure that there are ladies like me out there who are not in a relationship nor want to be in one anytime soon, and there are those guys that wouldn’t just stop disturbing you. And then there’s probably a time in your life when you told a friend “I don’t need a guy to validate me”, lmao, I said it too. And I’m sure you have a reason for saying that.
    Well, I’m writing this to tell you not to allow the society pressurize you to do anything you don’t want to do.  When you see your friends in relationships and they just make you feel like you’re a loner just because you tell them you’re not interested,  do not let them get to you.  I’ve had people ask me how I ever enjoy my life,  they tell me,  “I mean, you don’t have a boyfriend,  you don’t party, drink or smoke “, how do you ever enjoy your life. I’ve even had someone tell me before that I’m too logical by thinking and saying that I wouldn’t get involved with anyone soon.
     My point is,  live your life whichever way you want to.  If it is listening to music, dancing,  reading, watching movies, or just Gisting with your friends that gets you excited, then do it.
     You can comment the exciting things you do that just makes you happy. This is applicable to the guys too.
P.S: I’m not against people in relationships.

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  1. B Alfa says:

    listening to music and singing to God,watching movies,dancing.nd so many others

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