Is There Really A Good Time?


Hey guys,
    So I have to ask this question because it’s really bothering me- how do we know when to cross the line between good and evil? Being an international relations student,  I’ve read a lot of theories that implies that to do good we have to engage in a little bit of evil. I would like to know exactly how true this is.
     It seriously bugs me that people think that evil is a necessary requirement for doing good. People justify their wrongdoings by seeing the good in it,  they believe that if they didn’t engage in that then it wouldn’t be successful in anyway.
     And then when in any circumstance we actually do good, like give out to the needy,  we do it based on the fact that we derive a type of satisfaction from knowing that we have helped someone.  We don’t have to sacrifice the happiness or lives of others just to achieve a little amount of good. What’s the point in that really? What good do we really achieve when some other people’s lives depend on our good?.
       I know it might seem like a lot of ranting but reading these theories,  watching the movies, etc have led me to the conclusion that we have to really weigh out our options.

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