The Blue Sky


Hey guys,
    There might be some times when the situations around seem quite difficult.  and the people around you don’t seem to be helpful,  they only seem to want to worsen the situation.  Well I have a word for you today, God is always on your side. He loves you and He’d always be on your side.

“As I look up to the sky, I see the Heavens and I can see clearly how His smile shines upon my face, giving me the assurance that everything is fine.
Almost immediately I could feel a tug and then I noticed that it was the devil trying to get my attention. 
I was this close to giving him my attention but then I saw the smile again and I couldn’t resist looking at Him.  
Before I knew it my body started shaking but not without me knowing exactly what was going on in my body.  Being self conscious in that state is the best feeling I’ve ever had. 
His smile was like the sun, penetrating deep into my soul.  That was when it started,  at first it was just a smile but then it escalated real fast into the deepest and loudest laughter I ever experienced. 
Now, more than ever I’m sure he’s by my side.”

This is definitely a message that God is always on your side and no matter how much the devil wants to distract you, God is always in constant fight for your attention. Give Him yours. So at times when you’re really I’m doubt, you can look up to the Heavens and you’d see Him.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. B Alfa says:

    Awwwwww!I love God.tnx


  2. Yeah He's awesome. Thank you


  3. U are extremely ryt..God is closer dn w ever imagine,how i love Him


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