That Nostalgic Feeling

Hey guys,
     So I realized something funny about myself today and it almost seems like everyone is just like that. We all like to do things when we are not forced to do it. You know those things now, when your mum sends you to your room to clean up, or to do the dishes or to have your bath.
      I had a serious case of this stubbornness when I was growing up, my parents would send me to my room to clean up but I’d just pile everything up and probably keep it under the bed or just into the wardrobe and close it so my room looks a little bit tidy. My dad was always on my case that time, he’d always refer to me as “sisi ita”(a fine lady outside but with a dirty room) when he tells me to clean up and I don’t.  That always got to me mehn, and right there and then I’d make up my mind to clean up, but I almost never do that, the times that I get around to doing them, within the next few days it would go back to how it used to be.
      The time my mum literally used to force me to eat. I’d be forming I don’t want to eat this, I don’t want that, getting my mum all worked up because she knows how much I love her cooking. At times my mum would make that her very soft amala and ewedu and dish it for the two of us and before I know it I’d be licking my hands. It took serious tactics to get me to eat. My mum also likes to have her bath more than two or three times in a day but that was not the case for me. I figured there was no point having my bath that early, so my elder sister composed a yoruba song to taunt me. It goes like this- lo fo nu ko le we, tori babanla obun ni o(go and brush and have your bath because you’re a very dirty girl). That used to get me to tears and eventually to the bathroom just so she’d stop singing.
    These days, however, I make sure to clean up my room before I have my bath, it’s as bad as I have people that call me a neat freak. I don’t even like walking bare feet or even allow anyone that’s around me to go walk bare feet. And these days I make sure that I eat very well. I miss my mummy ooo, and I want all my small small petting and forming, but these days I can’t even form for myself. It’s all good though, it’s part of growing up.
Do I look like my very pretty mummy?

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  1. 1stjuly1990 says:

    Lol….how time flies ( I learnt to cherish everymoment) We miss you, our baby. I'm glad mum and dad had d one last


  2. Yeah I'm glad they did too. I miss you guys too


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