Dear Father

Hey guys,
        I want to talk about our relationship with God.  God is very interested in our lives, even to the smallest detail.
      Okay, so I want to tell you the kind of relationship I think God wants with us. You know how you talk to your friends,  where you’re free to say just about anything with them,  that’s how God wants us to relate with Him too.
      I don’t think you’d want your friend that you’re having a conversation with to suddenly start shouting at you.  It becomes noise and you lose interest in the conversation right? Well that’s just how you should feel to when you’re talking to God.  Don’t get me wrong, God listens to you however you talk to him, and I’m not saying there are not times when you’re really into the prayer that you begin to shout.  What I’m saying is, give God a chance to talk to you. It’s a conversation right, then you should involve Him in it too.
         There is a common assumption that God is all the way in Heaven and He’s not close. But have you forgotten that He’s the omnipresent God,  and even though He’s seated on the throne you do not need to help Him hear you,  because He already does.
      Okay, so I would like you to try something when next you’re praying.  Use words like “Dear father”, “I had a splendid day and I’ve got you to thank for it “, “it was so hot today and I know you already know, so could you cool it down a bit”.  Lol, they might sound funny but when you try it, you’d see that it’d bring you closer to God.
     Oh and one more thing, never think that you’ve committed a sin that would make God mot want to listen to you, Jesus already died for your sins.

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