My Throwback

Hey guys,
     So a lot of people in my school especially the graduating students have been doing their throwbacks, and when I was going through my stuffs I saw some things that I had in my first semester that brought back the memories. Funny thing about memories is that it takes you back to that moment when the event happened, and you could almost see it vividly as if you were reliving the event.
      I’m going to share some of those memories, and I can say that I’m happy with them. Oh and btw, they involve writing, I guess I’ve always enjoyed writing.
     This is a letter I wrote to Jesus during a ladies meeting I attended in my first semester.
Dear Father-in-Heaven,
    I appreciate You for this day, we both know that I came here only because I felt obliged to since I am a chorister, and I didn’t intend on staying because I wanted to go shopping for my winter jackets.
    However, like Georgina said I now know that you meant for me to be here, and I believe that. You touched me in the deepest part of my heart which was not one of the plans for today. I felt your presence in my heart when I was being prayed for and I can still feel it now. Lord, I don’t want this feeling to end with this program, but to last through all the days of my life.
    Thank you for bringing Georgia to come and minister to my heart today. I appreciate your unconditional love and I believe for the baptism of the Holy Ghost. 
     I like the way Georgia talks, to you, it seems so personal, I also want to be able to get to that place in our relationship where I can truly talk to you.
                                                                                                                 Your daughter,
   Wow,  I can’t believe I kept this letter, seeing it has made me see how much I’ve grown. I now call Him Father and not father-in-heaven, and I have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
       This next one was a word that was given to me when I was concerned about my future, because I wasn’t so sure what I really wanted. And it was written not too long ago:
    “You don’t need to search too far for what you’re looking for, you just need to see it. It’s right there with you so do not worry or fear. You’re absolutely filled with the knowledge of God’s word, just keep listening and you’d enjoy the benefits.
I am identified with Christ, Hallelujah!”
      So there’s my throwback for you, the difference between what I wrote in the first and the second shows clearly how much I’ve grown.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. 1stjuly1990 says:

    Wow! Beautiful memories…looking back, God has been faithful!


  2. lovely, didn't know you were dis good a writer. thumps up


  3. Hmmmm..real throwbacks,lovely letters,good to know u ve grown in a'l aspects of ur life,oh an remember dt green dress n jacket…


  4. Awwww thank you, lol I just started to document my writings recently


  5. Lol yeah, I remember where I went to and Honey took the picture


  6. B Alfa says:

    Lol..OMG!I can rmbr that day….u cryed like serzly….lol…That’s great!


  7. Lmao…i know right…but it was a great experience


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