Get To Know You

Hey guys,
   So it’s been a while since I posted something, been meaning to, just had to sort out some things. Well I want to talk about what God can do through you, if only you allow yourself to listen and then do what He says. 
     I know we are very different people and God has different plans for us, but I want you to understand that God has a purpose for creating you, and He begins to tell us right on time, but we wouldn’t know about it if we do not give Him the chance to tell us. In my previous post, Dear Father, I talked about how we could communicate with God. Those that tried know that it worked well for them, once again, you could try that system if you want to know what God’s plans concerning you are, if you’re yet to find out.
     Now, one misconception people usually have is that if their very close friend that they’ve been working well together with God has found out their calling, that their calling too could be similar because they have a lot of similarities. One thing that I learnt early is that God does not speak to a group of people but to individuals. Let me explain that, a message might be going on, if you have your notes, try to compare them with those of someone else, and I don’t mean the notes where you write word for word what the pastor says, lol. Anyways, even after checking the notes, if you ask the friend what they got, in lots of cases the person got something different from yours. 
     Don’t you know that you’re unique. God took His time to create you, doesn’t that make you understand exactly how special you are. He created you differently from someone else. So if you really want to know your purpose, who else to turn to but the person that created you.   And when you do find out, enjoy that thing. 
      Let’s take one of my friends for example, she can sing a lot. When she begins to sing, even those that are not interested in music would want to. I also love to sing, but if I decided to go after her calling because of how amazing it feels when she sings, then I’d not be able to actuality my full potentials. Then I realized that when you glorify God with your talent and the ability that He has given to you, even people that are not interested in that thing, would want to have the talent.

P.s if you notice what I wanted to write was different from what was written. That’s probably because you need to know your purpose first then you can understand what it means to know what God can do through you.

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