I’m A Princess

Lots of times when I’m having a conversation with someone and then maybe I say something and the person looks at me, I end up asking- do you know who I am???
I don’t know why but that question seems to annoy people, and then they expect me to say I’m the daughter of a minister, well that’s a good thing but whoa whooooa, that’s a very big insult. I’m way bigger than that. Maybe I should start by letting you know who my father is. Don’t worry I’d break it down for you.
My father is the King of kings, the creator of Heaven and earth, He’s someone that sits in Heaven and uses the earth as His footstool(can you imagine how big He has to be), He’s the rock of ages, the lily of the valley. I mean I could go on and on about who my father is.
So to answer the question of who I am- I am the daughter of that King, which makes me a princess. And if my father inhabits the Heaven and the earth, that makes me also own the earth, so guess what? I have everything at my disposal. 
For those of you that want to find out who you are in Christ, this should be able to help you. Do not however, limit my God to these small things I wrote here, get to know Him yourself. He has made you a peculiar people, a royal priesthood, a chosen generation. Do not be proud oooooo, check out these words in the dictionary, it’d help you understand it a lot more.
So if you now know who you are, don’t you think everyone that knows you should know who you are too . You have to show them, and the interesting thing about it is that my father is big enough to be a father to the whole world, so you’re not sharing Him. Start by dressing like a prince or princess everytime, eat like one, talk like one. Trust me, if you didn’t use to do things like that before, people would ask you what changed. Just give them the good news, it doesn’t take too much to be a prince or princess, just introduce yourself to Christ, who will introduce you to the Holy Spirit, because He’s the one that’d help you to know what to say at all times.
P.S. I’m a MUA in training

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  1. B Alfa says:

    Awesome!Glory!I am a Princess


  2. Nice writeup, keep it up dear


  3. Yup yup! I know who I am


  4. Quite inspiring, way to go dear. I am my Father's daughter


  5. Yes you definitely are love. So you should be addressed as Princess B now


  6. Thank you so mich love


  7. Yeah, that's a good thing. Now spread the word to everyone


  8. Thanks dear. That you are , that your are


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