A Creative Being

Hey guys, 
So I traveled today and up until then, I didn’t realize how much I looked at little things and made them big, and most especially relate it with God. Before I continue, I think it’s quite important to point out that I’m seriously afraid of heights, you would then wonder why someone like me would begin to request for window seat on the plane, anyhoo, I survived sha. While the plane was taking off, I held on tightly to my seat, which usually would’ve been someone’s hands as I didn’t like to travel alone. You know, unlike buses where you get to shout at the driver to be careful coz he’s driving roughly or you’re not comfortable, tell me, how do you tell a pilot that he should hold on for a minute because you want to catch your breath(lol). My eyes were shut tight and as the plane was going up, I literally felt like my soul was going up too(that’s what you call a ghen ghen something, lol). 
This is where the beginning of this write-up makes sense- I told myself to confront my fear and actually open my eyes, and guess what?, I enjoyed it. I then began to wonder if that’s how I’d feel when I’m ascending to Heaven with Jesus(weird right?). And you know, when you begin to enjoy something, even the littlest things would make absolute sense to you.
When I opened my eyes and I saw the clouds, I began to remember the creation story, you know, where God created Heaven end earth, and made the firmament to divide them, it made complete sense to me then. When on land and you see the clouds, you know how beautiful you say it is, well, that’s nothing compared to its beauty when on air. 
The God I serve is very creative font you think? Usually it is weird when you combine two very bright colors, but the way God did it? OMG!. When I also think of how white the cloud is, it gives me a clearer picture of God’s promise where He said that even if our sins be as red as scarlet, He’d make it as white as snow. I don’t think anyone has been able to recreate the kind of white that God used for the cloud. Do you know the kind of blue that God used is so bright that it’s also transparent, see that means God did not separate Himself from us, He’s definitely watching over us.
Anyways, I just said to share my thoughts about flying. The next time you have to travel, please notice these things, do not hesitate to share them.
P.S: This is a late post, actually wrote this on Tuesday and after writing I enjoyed my flight.


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  1. B Alfa says:

    Awwwww!!!datz Amazing!!God truly is amazing like our minds can't even completely understand how Awesome he is…..I like that!cool one Wumzi!!!lol


  2. His works are marvelous….He is a creative God


  3. He is a creative God who created creative beings and His works are breathtaking


  4. God is indeed creative,He created the world out of nothing.


  5. True, He's really an amazing God. I'm glad you liked it drimz


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