God’s Unmistakable Presence

Hey Guys,
     Happy new month y’all……sure you’re enjoying every bit of the new year….I know I am. It’s still so early in the year so get to working on those projects that you want to embark upon….it’s never too early.
   Anyways, to the topic of today…..have you ever had a time when you’ve wanted to feel God’s presence. You know, you pray everytime, sing praises to God, study the word, do everything and still want to feel that presence. You know God is OMNIPRESENT, but you still want to feel Him.
    Yeah well that happened to me today…..I fell asleep praying, woke up suddenly in the middle of the night, for no reason whatsoever, continued with the prayer, woke up this morning and didn’t know what was up with me but I jut couldn’t stop praying, to even leave the bed felt like an unreasonable task.
    I prayed like I haven’t done in a loooong while, still want to feel God but where was that presence. Felt a lot more comfortable but I just didn’t want to settle.
     Little did I know that God was just waiting for me to take note of the things He’s been showing me. At a point it was so obvious but I was just so deaf to everything. Then I remembered a conversation I had with a friend one time where we talked about the Holy Spirit getting our attention by any means necessary.
     And that He did………oh when I felt His presence, it was so unmistakable that I was moved to tears. Started to cry right there in the office.
      So, for those of you out there who are like me, you know you want to feel that presence, maybe it’s not that the Holy Spirit is not talking to you….the real question is “Are you listening?”.

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