My Omalicha

Hey Guys,
   I think it’s high time I posted something on make-up, I mean I’ve been keeping you in suspense all this while. Anyways, I’m now a certified make-up artist……yes ooo….got my certificate already……I should show you.
     Okay… this is the plan for this segment of the blog…….I’d post pictures of my work…..I mean, my models….and then I’d talk briefly about them……hope y’all are ready to see my work.

So, I want y’all to meet my beautiful model Mz_Honey. I mean, she allowed me experiment on her face oooooo, my first traditional makeup trial, and this was how it turned out. I remember when she was posing for this picture, she was like “I don’t know how to make a serious face ooo, so quickly take your make-up picture”….it turned out nice didn’t it.

And once I said I was done taking my make-up pictures, she couldn’t stop taking pictures of her beautiful face, smiling, and going to every corner possible because she hadn’t gotten enough.

You know, when you get someone pretty to model for you, when you see your handwork you’d be extremely proud of yourself…………and this my work made me proud of myself. Even though my model kept looking at the time for me as if it was a waste.
Mz_Ola’s Beauty Touch.

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  2. Ur work is always unique,u pay attention to details n u show so much passion for wat u do,just keep at it and even d sky won't b a limit..proud of ya lil sis..and not to forget to mention DT ur model looks so beautiful..i got beautiful sisters..


  3. Thanks for the feature….muaaah!


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