Fashion Statement!!

Hey Guys,
  Happy Valentine in arrears…..hope y’all had fun yesterday. I actually think I loved the fact that it was on a Sunday which most people seem to attribute to God, well it only does make sense since God is Love”. Celebrate God with a dance, worship Him with all your heart, He’s the reason we all live.
    Anyways, to the reason of this post today……I was having a chat with my friend last night and some things I said really got me thinking. I was talking about something, and I just realized that up until that moment I hadn’t really given it much of a thought.
     Don’t worry….it’s nothing serious. It’s about fashion ooooo……. Lmao…..don’t think it’s anything serious jore. Chai!!!,  I get distracted easily …..shouldn’t I get on to the business of today.
   So as I was saying…..we were talking about fashion. I said fashion is a statement of your personality….how many agrees with me? It’s a reflection of how you feel, it mostly is an unconscious effort, but an effort after all. You find yourself wearing a particular shade of color….if you think about it, it’s probably coz of how you feel.
    Don’t mind me jore….i’ve started again….. So, I was feeling giddy today so I guess that’s why I wore this outfit…didn’t want my boss to look at me dressed in casual on a Monday morning hence the green blazer. I guess I combine the weirdest colors…didn’t even think about it.

  See how I went from casual to Business-like mode with just two moves….the way I styled the hair, and the blazer……yeah, I’m cool like that.

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