Hey guys,
      Yay!!! It’s a new week again. Happy new month y’all. So, it’s hooooooooooooooot, and it’s driving me crazy. Could anyone please, pretty pretty please teach me your coping mechanisms as I can’t seem to cope in this weather. Can you even think straight? Nooooo nooo noooo, this can’t be an appropriate weather, I yaff tire.
       I was on my way to work this morning when the conductor of the bus I take to work every morning saw me……the next thing, he was like Happiness how are you?…..ahn ahn, Happiness kwa? I asked him why he called me Happiness and he was like……aunty I don’t know your name but you’re always happy anytime I see you. You should’ve seen the butterflies that were dancing all over my tummy……. I was like that has a nice ring to it.
    That got me thinking……have you ever seen those fairytale cartoons….you know, those Disney cartoons where the dwarfs have funny names like Sneezy, Grouchy, Happy, etc. Or like the cartoon….smurfs. Well, don’t judge me but I love those cartoons and that’s probably why I was able to relate this with the cartoons. Anyhoo, the way those dwarfs get their names is based on their characteristic. So when the bus conductor called me Happiness and told me why he did, I couldn’t stop feeling like one of those dwarves………weird right.
     So, y’all had better start commenting what you think your likely name could be……really do hope it’s not “Grouchy”. As for me, I think I figured out what mine is…………Smurf Happy.

One Comment Add yours

  1. B Alfa says:

    I am reliable smurf or pretty smurf.:)


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