Is Jesus Poor?

Hey guys,
   Sorry I’ve not had the time to post anything for a while now…..been seriously busy. Hope you’ve all been doing well. I know we’ve all been busy but I sure do hope we still have the time to smell the roses once in a while.
     I wonder how many people still believe that Christians are supposed to be poor people, don’t you feel embarrassed when someone says “as poor as a church rat”. I mean with the prosperity God has bestowed upon us, even the church rat should be able to partake of that blessing….why then do we justify been poor. I know some people assume that once you’re poor you’re undoubtedly humble….well some school of thought might agree with that, and to some extent it might be true…..but why not give that poor man a significant amount of money and his true test of humility comes to play. I believ been humble irrespective of your socio-economic status determines exactly how humble you are.
     I’m rambling on this afternoon because I was jejely dressing up this morning, combing my hair outside the house, feeling all fresh with myself when one lady walked up to me and said that I look really good and dressed in expensive clothing ….oh and aunty, you should give your life to Christ. I was beyond astonished and was absolutely speechless….lots of people that know me can say that I’m hardly ever short of words…but I was.
    Let us all get something clear…. I know we’re Christ-like and that symbolizes humility and all….but who told yu Jesus dressed shabbily……or that He was poor. Please can a poor man be the best winemaker in the world? Can a poor man feed 5,00o people and still have left overs? Can a poor man be the best physician that even the best doctors in the world today still look to Him for consultation? Well if any of your answer to my questions are “No”, then why should you assume you have to be poor to be Christ-like. If however, your questions are “Yes”, then you really need to search your heart and tell yourself the truth.
    If my goal is to live like Christ in all ramifications, then I’m prepared to do a very good job of it.


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  1. B Alfa says:

    The Bible says beloved I wish above all that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospers. God wants us prosperous.We are not meant to be poor.Humility is a character of your spirit not the size of your pocket.Ride on sis


  2. He has made us to rule as kings on this earth….we better not dis obey!


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