Free from Sin

Hello Greatness

How have you been faring in this post-pandemic season? I hope you haven’t given up on God. Do not allow this season to cause you drift apart from God. It’s a strange feeling when someone who has always been full of fire and excitement suddenly feels like keeping quiet all the time. The excitement is worn off and you can see just how much that person is struggling to stay afloat. What I have found out, in recent years, is that we find it extremely difficult to forgive ourselves when we do something wrong (this is one of the reasons people become cold in their relationship with God). I know because I do it. It becomes extremely difficult to look at the person I’ve hurt and it just affects me so much that I can’t even go into God’s presence until things have been resolved. At moments like this, my mind goes into overdrive and I can’t fully concentrate on anything. You know, the mind is very beautiful. It stores up information in different categories. Makes me think that the mind is compartmentalized. However, something can cause a disruption of these categories and affect your functionality. Unforgiveness is one of those things. If you’re the type that finds it difficult to operate well when you have something on your mind, then you need to check the root of that problem.

When my mind is fully occupied, who better to go back to if not the God who created me in the first place? That’s why I always go to the one place where I know God will definitely speak to me. I was reading through my bible, and I saw something I had always seen …..that book of Romans is just packed with powerful words. Stopped to think over a few verses, asked myself a question, but as usual God has made provisions to the answers to the question.
Okay let’s look at the question I’ve decided to ask myself……… In Romans 3:23, it says, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. That means EVERYBODY, this verse does not exclude anybody…. it doesn’t say for some have sinned, but all. In that same Romans, chapter 6 verse 23a, it says, “For the wages of sin is death”.

So now my question is……….. if we have all sinned, and the wages of sin is death,  then how come we are still alive? Well, isn’t God just so much fun. Yes, we have all sinned and have to face the consequence, but Jesus already paid the ultimate price of death on the cross. He died so we don’t have to die because of our sins. That’s why it says in 1 Corinthians 5:17 that we become new when we give our lives to Christ (paraphrased). This doesn’t mean we should take God for granted and just continue to do the wrong things because Jesus paid the price. Paul responds to this thought by asking, Shall we continue in sin and pray that grace may abound? God forbid (Romans 6:2).

I guess all I’m trying to say is, enjoy your new relationship with Christ because you have been set free. You no longer have to live in the way of the flesh because you know have a Guide (the Holy Spirit). Build a strong relationship with Him and when you make a mistake, sincerely apologize and be repentant. Trust me, He loves you way too much to condemn you.

With indescribable love,


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