Bear Fruits!!

Hey Guys,

Hola beautiful people…….. I hope you all had a wonderful day…. I know I did. I’m so excited with the 5 Hours of Nigerian Worship and Praise I’m listening to right now….makes me enjoy worship a whole lot more. You know that feeling I’m talking about, when you’re listening to worship songs and you hear one in your mother tongue and you’re like YAAAASSSSSS!!! Lol!! I can like to write some irrelevant things in the first paragraph…. sorry, I’m just trying to avoid boring you. Oya!!!! I yaff stopped ooo.

Well, let me just say it: God expects us to bear fruits. That should suffice for today shouldn’t it?? But let me continue…… God has placed a seed in our lives, and He expects that we would produce fruits with the seed that has been planted. How are we supposed to produce fruits when we are not plants you ask? (In case this thought never crossed your mind, please just indulge me). He provided an answer as to how even human beings can bear fruits in Matthew 3:8- “Prove by the way you live that you have repented of your sins and turned to God.” The NIV version translates it in a different way- “Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.” (Shikena) That’s all you have to do to produce fruits ooooo. There is a punishment for not bearing good fruit ooo, it is likened to deadwood, therefore it is cut down and cast into fire (Matthew 3:10 MSG Bible paraphrased).

However, God does not give instructions without showing examples first… There are great deals of example which Christ lived, but I’m following the chapters I’m reading so I would use the example in the next chapter,,, that is, Matthew 4, where Jesus was tempted. Now, I’m sure the ordinary man who has just finished a 40-day marathon fast, and is loaded with power wey pass power would want to prove himself to devil just to test the power(hehehehehehe). Well, thank God say Jesus no be man. Jesus exercised patience and humility in that place, He refused to give pleasure to the devil by proving anything. That power proved mighty useful in the 19th verse of that same chapter, and because Jesus went into a city- “The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light. And for those who lived in the land where death casts its shadow, a light has shine.” NLT 

Just a passing thought(don’t worry, I scribbled down fast just so it wouldn’t go away)- Have you guys ever really looked closely at verses 8-10 of chapter 4? The devil actually thought he owned the earth, and he could even dare to promise what belongs to Jesus to Jesus. Can you see the lie he tells to some people to get them to his camp. Thank God Jesus rebuked him, now I’m sure I can tell the devil off if he comes up with any lies. Imagine one strange somebody that did not see how hard you worked to get the car you drive or pay mortgage on the house you own… now walk up to you and say: “If you cook fried rice and chicken for me, I would give you this car you’re driving now.” Like I said, it’s just a thought.

Oluwa ooooo…. see long post.


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  1. ''Imagine one strange somebody'…..loolz……that made me laugh. Patience, Humility and an understanding of our place and inheritance as Christians; those are what I take away from this. Nice one.


  2. B Alfa says:

    Lol….you got that Right


  3. Thank you Sis Olawunmi


  4. jeanius99 says:



  5. Lol….. I really didn't realize I used “one strange somebody” until you brought my attention to it. Thanks for reading, and I'm glad you got something from it as well.


  6. Lol….. I hope the message was passed across though… even with me thinking about fried rice and chicken.


  7. Thanks for reading


  8. I hope you caught it……. The rhema, I mean


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