Light It Up

Hey Guys,
How are you all doing? I want to thank everyone who have taken it upon themselves to tell me to keep writing, because truth be told, I was giving up…… thinking I had nothing reasonable to say. You see, once in a while…… we are the ones stopping ourselves from moving forward because we have made it easy just to believe lies that we are irrelevant. I had something entirely planned for today but I just can’t stop myself from writing this.

When we begin to believe lies about what we are capable of doing…. we literally stop ourselves from taking the step forward. You know what I’m talking about. It is then that we begin to remember how we have once failed, the emotions come flowing in and we begin to relive those experience. You think you have a thick defense….. but really, that person that is telling you how badly you are doing what you’ve put so much energy into is really getting at you. You begin to ask yourself if that person really is telling you the truth, truth that you are not willing to admit by yourself. When really, all you just had to do is tell yourself that you have begun the process… you are willing to trust God to help you through those moments when it feels like you are just not getting it right. And trust God to always have your back….. Well, He said in Matthew 6:25-32 to take a look at the birds in the air, or the lilies…. He personally takes care of them because they trust Him enough to do that. Do you even know what God has called you to be? In Matthew 5:13- we have been made the salt of the earth, to bring sweetness into this world. And verse 14 further reiterates this by telling us we’re the light of the world, a city set upon a hill that cannot be hidden (paraphrased). So people, let your light so shine that your greatness shuts that constant doubting voice up.

On a different note, I do realize the struggle that it takes to fight that voice that’s constantly filling our ears with lies. I have found a song that just gets me going “whooa,whoaa, whoa!”. Yes, we all know it:

    Halleluyah! You have won the victory
Halleluyah! You have won it all for me
Death could not hold You down
You are the risen King
Seated in majesty
You are the risen King!!!!

God gives us constant reminder as to who He has chosen us to be… so I guess all we need to do is look around us. And we all should get surrounded by positive people who would remind you of God’s love for you.

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  1. ReedemedInChrist says:

    Word for the moment!! Christ has finished everything for us at the cross of Calvary, it is left for us to take delivery of our possession by a consciousness of our identity in him. Hallelujah! Christ has won it all for us!Death could not hold him down.He's the risen king.


  2. B Alfa says:

    Very Encouraging!I will let my light shine.thanks for the reminder. God bless you dear!


  3. Thanks for reading… I'm glad you liked the post and got something from it.


  4. You do that hun….. Keep shining everywhere you go.


  5. We are the salt of the earth,keep it up dear


  6. Thank you so much for reading.


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