What Do You Say?

Hey Guys,
Happy new week everybody….hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mehn it’s like this year is running oh, can’t believe this is mid-June. Thank God for keeping us alive. I am excited to know that there are many participants in the Halleluyah challenge by Nathaniel Bassey, feels good to be among the generation of Christians that God is raising.

Reading through the book of Matthew, I can’t help but see that there seems to be one recurring factor- fruits. I’mm halfway through the book ย and I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen something about being identified by our fruits. In a previous post, Live A Conscious Life, I talked about being conscious of our actions and words. Chapter 12 talks more importantly about our words…..(shivers), there are some powerful actions attached to our words which we might not have paid close attention to. Our words carry power. Have you not seen the number of times we are warned to be careful of what we say. Something that has the power to affect our life and death should not be joked with Proverbs 18:21. Matthew 12:31-32 already warns us of the sin that cannot be forgiven, and it is done with our mouth. We have to be careful of the things that come out of our mouth, which means we also have to be careful of the things that are in our heart as well Luke 6:45, Proverbs 4:23. Now, a reason we shouldn’t overlook this and just claim we are just joking about things- Matthew 12:36-37ย tells us that every word that comes our of our mouth would be judged. So to all of us that play with our friends by calling them- cows, fools, idiots, stupid, etc., biko stop it. What happened to all the good names, I don’t want that kind of friendship abeg. Don’t use play play turn me to a cow or a fool, because every time you call me that and I answer, it’s a declaration,,,,, Abeg I nor do.

Even times when we seem frustrated, we should never get frustrated enough to start calling ourselves negative names, because we actually have more power over our situations than any outsider. I’ve been taught in church yesterday to react in faith. So if I do feel the need to talk, I’d rather say- “I am carrying the fullness of God in me.” “I am not ordinary, I am a spiritual entity.” “I am a spirit, I have a soul, and I dwell in this body.” Church was powerful yesterday, glad I didn’t miss it.


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  1. beke ojeifo says:

    I love this ๐Ÿ‘


  2. Thanks for reading.


  3. What about our perception of what is being said, doesn't that count? If person A calls person B a cow, doesn't it behoove on person B to give those words 'power'? Just thinking aloud. Nice one though.


  4. B Alfa says:



  5. Words are really powerful, it shouldn't be joked with.


  6. Nice thought there…. Didn't think in that direction. However, we are warned about what we should say and not what we should perceive. Thanks for reading.


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