Speak Up

Hey Guys,

How are you all doing? Hmmmm, it turns out Matthew is filled with a lot of practical knowledge that I’ve not properly wrapped my head around. I hope you guys are enjoying Matthew as much as I am, please try to read the book.

Today’s verse cut me deep sha, felt like I was reading about my situation…… calm down people, it’s not one big revelation, but quite relevant. It’s something a great deal of must have done one time or the other- not sure if I’ve entirely stopped though. Stop it!!! No spoiler alerts, don’t scroll down to see what it is(lol, I can like to be dramatic sometimes).  Here goes- Matthew 18:15-16 tells us to march right up to someone who has offended us and tell them they hurt us(paraphrased), it doesn’t say to pick up a fight with the person ooooo. Don’t go about looking for trouble and now back it up with the Bible, or that you read in one blog(I will deny you). Anyways, the verse got me thinking about the logic behind not telling someone they’ve hurt us- I know there are times I do it because I do not want the person to be offended, therefore, I internalize the hurt. Never thought to think of the fact that the same person we’re trying not to hurt has actually hurt our feelings too. And we know some people misuse liberty, just like you give someone your phone to look at one picture and you’re hearing questions about other pictures in your album(you know you thought about it too). When you refuse to tell them the action hurts you, they could continue. Sometimes, it takes just one person to correct a negative character of the person. Or those that don’t want to talk because they don’t want feel like they get angry easily(this is so me). Well, I’m sorry to break it to you- you might soon have to start taking anger management classes because you will constantly get angry- Talk. 

Verse 16 goes further to say if the person pays you no attention, take one or more people with you to talk to the person. This is so you have a witness, and when the person repeats his/her action, there would be people to call he/she to order. In short, I got my word for the moment (that has been coming up in the comments, I stole your words *wink,wink*).

Favorite verse of the day- And I say also unto thee, That thou art Olawunmi, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
And I will give unto Olawunmi the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever Olawunmi shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever Olawunmi shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Matthew 16:18-19.


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  1. #word…..never had that interpretation of that part of the Bible. Thank God for Revelations


  2. #word…..never had that interpretation of that part of the Bible. Thank God for Revelations


  3. beke ojeifo says:

    Love this. God is good


  4. God has really helped me through this,I do internalize the hurt before now and ended up keeping malice. But now God has taught to speak up,it is best way,you will discover you have peace immediately you do that. Keep it coming Wunmi.


  5. Wow! This is a word for the moment especially for us introverts, we prefer to be hurt than hurt others thereby making us internalize attitudes we do not like, well I have come to realize that it's better for us to speak up when hurt, both parties will be better for it in the long run. Thanks for this reminder, Olawunmi


  6. Yeah, me too. I like what God has been using Matthew for in my life these days.


  7. Thank you for reading.


  8. Yes, that peace cannot be bought with any price. Thank God for the Holy Spirit and revelations.


  9. Thanks for reading, I'm glad this has helped as a reminder, because it was for me too.


  10. Hayurbee says:

    Keep it coming wunmi,so glad u are now better pals with ur Bible”winks”.By the way,good word revelation,for those of us however,who were once introverts and have learnt to speak up,had like to prepare our minds ,that at a point u had feel like why did you even speak up cos of the reaction of some people,been there,and yoi somewhat get confused at the borderline between speaking up and keeping quiet,but had like to encourage you that,no matter what you get in the process,its always better to speak up,it helps your peace of mind and keeps your relationship with the person rather than internalize the hurts,but then sometimes ,its much better to be quiet and work on just forgiving the person.shalom


  11. B Alfa says:

    Nice one. Wondering where I will find others to join if the person doesn't acknowledge it when it's just me. what if the person still refuses that he or she hurt me even with others intervention?


  12. Thanks for reading. Well, verse 17 of that same chapter answers your question. Tell it to the church, if the person still doesn't listen, leave him be. The Bible actually says if he still wouldn't listen to all these people, treat him/her as a pagan (paraphrased).


  13. B Alfa says:

    okay.Thanks for replying. So what if you're a private person and you don't really like others in your business. Also what kind of offense are we talking about here?is it all types? cuz it might not be all that we go to meet people to help talk to the person right?


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