Experience God for Yourself

Hey Guys,

Happy new week, hope it’s been a great start to a new week. I want to wish all fathers- Happy Fathers Day in arrears.  I hope we all remembered to wish our heavenly Father Happy Fathers day…hehehehe.

I’m going to be a very serious geh today as I have something important to say. As a growing christian, the first thing we wonder about is how we should study the Bible- should the verses be crammed, should we read it like it’s a story book, or should we keep reading until we come across a verse that sounds powerful and we can recite when it’s needed? Well, I battled a lot with these questions. How about when we are told about the quiet time, we are told to have a book with us while we are studying so that we can jot down the things that stands out to us, and two weeks in the journal is just as empty as when we started? Oh, I’ve had many of those days, and I end up being disappointed because I felt I was out of tune, or I allowed myself to be distracted at one point or the other. I mean, I prayed, made sure I’m alone, no phone close to me, and yet I have nothing jotted down. Why can’t the Holy Spirit speak to me? If you’re reading this and going through this roller-coaster moment, don’t stop studying the word or praying. Just make sure you ask the Holy Spirit for an interpretation of what you’re reading.  Remember we’ve been given the keys to the kingdom of heaven- Newsflash- The Holy Spirit is one of those keys, He’d help you decode those words.

The mistake I made was thinking I was going to have this big production every time the Holy Spirit is talking to me. Yes, it does happen for some people. My advice, however, is that you don’t try to do things like some other people… You know those people who come to you and tell you they just heard the Holy Spirit do this or that- It’s okay to hunger for that level of growth, but experience God for yourself. It pays off when you know how God reveals Himself to you. When I decided to stop waiting for the same signs he has shown other people, I started to enjoy studying the Bible. These past write-ups, and the ones I didn’t post, are part of the new studying techniques.

Favorite verse of the day- I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. God is not the God of the dead, but of the living, Matthew 22:32.


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  1. B Alfa says:

    Definitely! Experience God for yourself….Great one dear


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