Praise Till You Move the Hand of God

Hello everyone,

I can’t believe it’s November already. It’s a month to the end of the year. How are we coming with our new year resolutions? How many things have we checked off? Or are we just looking to write another list in a matter of weeks? It’s never too late to catch up though, so keep ticking things off till the 31st of December.

So, for the end of the year, we always end with praise in my church. All through the month of November, we give God praise every day of the month by dancing in the presence of God in a big way. And God shows up in the biggest way. It is indeed true that God dwells in the midst of praise. You see this our God is indeed Jehovah overdo. The story of Paul and Silas ‘ jailbreak shows just how much God exceeds our expectations when we praise Him. You should read the story in Acts 16:25-34 I can imagine that when Paul and Silas were praying for a miracle, they expected God to walk out of prison easily. Probably by God sending someone to get them out of there. Or for God to touch the hearts of those who put them there in the first place.

But God didn’t do that- He gave them a ground-breaking miracle (literally). He gave them the kind of miracle that expects no introduction. There was an earthquake- everyone must have witnessed it. I imagine it must have been on every headline news.  A breaking news even. Shows must have been interrupted just so the world could hear of their testimony. Paul and Silas got all these from God by praising God even though their situation seemed hopeless. They thanked God in advance for what He could do for them.

We need to learn the habit of trusting that God would answer when we call on Him. We also need to be open-minded and not control the outcome of our miracles. Stop limiting God. He’s a very creative being. If you expect Him to work one way, that might not be exactly how He wants it done. Our God is a very diverse God who thinks in ways we are incapable of thinking. He opens up doors that we assume are closed. So let God do His thing and enjoy His work.

I have to testify that there is real power in praise. Well, yesterday, I literally could not do anything as I was having issues with my breath. That wanted to roar it’s head again the next day, but I remembered the words of my pastor that it is not unscriptural to face challenges, but it is unscriptural for the challenge to rise again. So, I got myself off the bed, I had my bath and took my sister’s speakers. Yes, I went there. I was ready to disturb the house if I had to, but I locked the door to my room, so I didn’t disturb so much. Then I started dancing in God’s presence. I was actually out of breath most of the time, but I kept going at it. When that session ended, I played another one again. And by the time I was done, my breath was great again. I was able to do some other things that day. So, give your praise to God and watch Him exceed your expectation.



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  1. Indeed God works wonders through praise. Psalms 114:1-7, every opposition bows at the presence of God. When we pray, God sends His Angels, but when we praise, God comes down himself. This is because He dwells in the midst of the praise of His people. It's only during praise we are allowed to misbehave before God. David misbahaved in God's presence, and God silenced every mockers. 2 Samuel 6:20-23.Praise is awesome, sweet, fulfilling, beautiful.


  2. Exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think.


  3. That's because praise is the only thing God cannot give Himself. So He's pretty excited when we praise Him. Thanks for reading


  4. That's exactly what happens when we praise. God gives us things we might be afraid to ask for. Thanks for reading


  5. Praise gives you unlimited access….about the speakers, weldone o!


  6. I'm a firm believer “It is only during praise we are allowed to misbehave before God”


  7. *singing* Praise is what I do, when I wanna be close to you, I lift my voice in praise, in every circumstance, I will praise you while I can, always I'll praise your name….


  8. Unlimited access to God….. how God loves our praise . Well, you're the one who likes speakers so I had to tap into your anointing .


  9. That's a wonderful song too……. praise is a lifestyle and not just a song. Thanks for reading


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