Shiloh 2018- Dominion

Hello everyone,

Knock knock… anybody here? I bring you great news. It’s Shiloh week again ooo!!! All of us that have been waiting for this event, the wait is over. I’m so excited about Shiloh this year than I’ve ever been before. You want to know why? For the first time, I have finally caught the revelation of what Shiloh really means (Hosea 4:6). Then it dawned on me that I had been seeing Shiloh as just another church event. Yes…. it’s possible to be like that and be in the church. We all assume that we all catch the same revelation because we are under the same anointing. I’m so happy I finally understood what Shiloh means.
 I was flipping through my notes and found what I wrote about Hannah’s encounter at Shiloh. I remembered that God remains the same and never ever changes. If He answered Hannah at Shiloh, then why should my own case be different?
These are the things that are revealed to me about Shiloh:

  • Shiloh is a place where prayers are set to be answered (1 Samuel 1:9-28). We need to come with the knowledge that the prayers that need to be answered will definitely be answered at Shiloh. We should be determined just as Hannah was to get our prayers answered. We should prepare not to go back without God giving us a sign of approval for our various expectations.
  • Shiloh is a place. I’ve been talking to quite a number of my friends about Shiloh that starts tomorrow and several of them keep asking me where they could attend Shiloh. Well, Shiloh is a place to meet with God. I know that there are people who cannot be present at Cannanland physically, but we can connect spiritually. Some people might be at work, or in school. Do not worry, wherever you are and you stay connected online, that is where your Shiloh really is (Joshua 18:1). However, if you can attend any viewing center, it is also important to gather together. Truth is, sometimes it helps when you feel tired or sleepy from going to work and coming back, so if you can go to church then that’s great. But if you can’t, don’t feel bad, you’re connecting to the same God.
  • Shiloh is a Person. Who is this person that I’m boldly declaring to be Shiloh? He’s no other person than God. I mean, who are you going there to meet with if not God? Who is supposed to answer your prayer? So, go to Shiloh expecting to meet with your God. Think of it as a divine appointment with God. If you do, you will be met with divine encounters every step of the way.
There are some things you need to go with to enjoy Shiloh:
  • An expectant heart
  • Your eyes fixed on God
  • A determination to get your own word for the new year
  • A renewed mind
  • Most importantly, you have to go with a purity of mind. Biko do away with everything that wants to draw you back to your old life.
  • The theme says Dominion, so get set to walk in dominion.
Trust me, it is a huge relief when you are finally aware of something, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off when you finally understand (John 8:32). The choir in my church sang the perfect song in preparation for Shiloh. A song by Paul Morton- Don’t Do it Without Me. When I thought about it, I realized a lot of us allow our ignorance let huge opportunities pass us by. So, make sure to ask God to reveal the meaning of Shiloh to you. I hope this helps too. Have a great Shiloh everybody.
P.S: Shiloh starts tomorrow at 7pm. 

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  1. I am excited to be part of this Shiloh 2018


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