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Hey hey hey,

Happppppppppy happpppppy happpppppy new year everyone. I know I am 27 days late but considering this is my first post of the year, I need to wish everyone a happy new year. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this year. I can literally feel and see that this year is going to be awesome. For the past 27 days, every day has been absolutely awesome and things are beginning to unfold in ways I don’t even expect….. it’s blowing my mind. Isn’t this year going by quite fast? Like is this really day 28? I can’t believe it. I hope everyone has identified a purpose for this year. There has to be a purpose for each year- it’s not too late to identify what that is.

I decided to start this year’s post with something that is quite different. A lot of my posts are a huge part of my bible study sessions, but today’s post is coming from a set of writings that I wanted to call “Chronicles of a Driver.” I changed my mind though and just decided to write about one particular incident. I realized that my sister and I had a lot of “church” in our car coz we drove around for a while together. Well, I started to document my thoughts and I realized we don’t have to be in church, be praying, or studying our Bible before we get lessons about life from God. Like I always say, God is very interested in our day-to-day activities that He captures our attention when we care to pay attention. You don’t always need a dramatic experience, driving can be a time of divine visitation as well.
So, let’s go to the post of today. This is a story ooooo. So story story……….. sometime last year, I got my full driver’s license after driving around for about nine with my learner’s permit. So the week I got the license, we had an event in my church late in the evening. I was seriously feeling myself because I could drive a long distance without being worried about being caught by a cop.
Cut to some minutes into the driving, GPS alerted us that there was traffic in front and it would reroute us. My sisters and I and our friend were in the car so it was a fun ride. When we were rerouted, I was like ghen ghen, driving at night is not the same ooo, it’s very easy to be comfortable when you’re in the passenger seat. Well, one of my sisters decided to repeat the instructions of the GPS to me so we don’t get lost(there was a previous experience that prompted this decision). Fast forward to when we got to a familiar road, I felt confident that I could get to church without the GPS… at that point, the GPS that helped me suddenly felt like it was disturbing (cheeei, humans).

I told my sisters that I knew what our exit to church was so there was no need to the GPS again jore. I wasn’t counting on being distracted. Two exits before our exit, I moved to the right lane so I don’t start to fight to get away. Well, when we got to just one exit away from our own exit, there was a huge truck by my side that was leaving it’s lane and coming over to mine. My sisters were calling my attention that I would miss the exit but my attention was on the truck…. I wasn’t about to get run over by a truck. A little while later, before getting to church, we re-evaluated the situation. Apparently, when my sister was trying to get my attention about missing the exit, I kept saying… Don’t worry. In my head, I was like, it’s better to miss the exit and be re-routed rather than being hit.

Do we ever wonder if God re-routes us so we don’t get hit by the truck? We keep wondering why God doesn’t give us what we want when He just wants to save us for our own good. Anyways….. it became a laughable moment right after that. And we didn’t miss the exit, so we got to church even before the service started.


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  1. Everything that happens is for a lesson…..if we can only pay attention and not take life too hard. 👍


  2. That’s absolutely right. There’s always an opportunity to learn something


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