How Tables Turn- The Esther Series

Hello Greatness,

Happy new month everyone!!! It’s a beautiful new month and I’m super duper excited about what’s to come this month. I’ve got to say I’m happy with the feedback I’m getting. Let’s continue with the series, shall we? There’s just one more post to complete this series.

After my various moments of reflection, I realized all I needed to do was to be grateful.

Last week, we started with the story of Haman. We will continue his story today. We’ve established the fact that Haman was very successful, but we also know that he was quite insecure, threatened by Mordecai. Over the week, I began to wonder how much in common I had with Haman. How often do I take for granted the wonderful things I have around me? How often do I sound ungrateful when I commonize the things I deem “little” but are coveted by others? Have you ever had a terrible headache and felt jealous of those around you who don’t feel the same pain you’re going through? Every time I remembered these things, I realized I had those Haman-like moments too. Mine was not quite as bad as his though. I do this with Bible stories because I realized that at first, I felt like their time was different from ours and we had no similarities. And boy was I wrong! Realizing how similar we are has allowed me to connect to the blessings and stopped me from being self-righteous.

God’s mind is beautiful!!!!!!

Sometimes I wonder why we say God is mysterious in His ways when it seems as if His plans for us are plain. But then, taking my time to study the Bible gives insight into the way the mind of God works. If God were to be a movie writer, I can imagine His movies will fall under the genres of comedy and thriller. I’ve read some things in the Bible that has made me gone….. Oh I never saw that coming!!! If you really see the way some events unfold, you’d understand me. I mean, take a look at Haman and Mordecai. In Esther 5, we are painted the picture of a man who is overjoyed because he has made a name for himself. While we are still reading his story, another picture is painted for us. We see Mordecai in front of the King’s gate, mourning because his people are about to be killed by Haman. Because of these two stories being played side-by-side, we know that the next day, Haman will be exalted in the palace and well, Mordecai and his people will be dead. But God added a plot twist to the story- God refused the king sleep.

Not being able to sleep can be really painful.

Who knew that just by one person losing a little sleep, an entire generation could be rescued? While he was unable to sleep, he started to think like a King and he remembered that someone saved his life. The most interesting part of this was the fact that he didn’t even have an idea of how to reward the person. Cut to the banquet, Haman came with his head held high and with the knowledge of being favored, he answered the king’s question on how to reward the person in the king’s debt. How enthusiastic of him!! He went into great details about what has to be done for that person… seemed he couldn’t stop talking about it. Wait for it!!!!!! Yeah, you guessed right… there’s another twist to it. All the details he laid out, he himself had to carry it out for his worst enemy, Mordecai. I couldn’t stop admiring the way the mind of God works.

This is exactly the indication of if God be for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31). I think there needs to be an added phrase to that Bible verse. I think it should be joined with another verse that says, whoever digs a pit will fall into it, if someone rolls a stone, it will fall back on them (Proverbs 26:27).

This is how I’m sure Haman felt. He set himself up to be defeated.

If the story had ended there, it’d have been enough. I mean, just seeing Haman give honor to the person he hated the most. But you see, envy is a very bitter emotion. Once you fall into that trap, it takes God to get you out of it. Haman needed to feed that envy. He felt the need to get back at Mordecai so he plotted his death. Another elaborate plan to see his enemy finally fall. But then again, he fell for it. I can’t imagine what his thought process would be at the time. He couldn’t have said that was an outrageous way for someone to die because it was his plan. Neither can he say there wasn’t enough plan for that plan to work because the plans were already laid out.

I looooooooove this picture. Let God be the source and you connect to it.

This just shows me how powerful my God is and how committed He is to see me honored in the presence of my enemies. How can you live a life of worry when you have this kind of God on your side? I started the book of Esther thinking I’d only learn about myself as a woman and my purpose on earth. Well, I got a whole lot more. I hope you’re enjoying this series as much as I am. Let me know your thoughts in the comment.



I’m not worried bout a thing… coz I know You are guiding me

P.S: I’m thinking of writing about some of my favorite Christian songs on Wednesdays and how I think the lyrics are impactful. Let me know what you think about that also in the comments.

21 thoughts on “How Tables Turn- The Esther Series

  1. Yea….God sure knows how to make everything work together for the good of His children..even the seemingly negative situations.
    He’s a specialist in turning tables around.
    Nice write up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m holding on to that seriously. There are times I wonder if it’s possible to quantify God’s love for His children. Guess what? I can’t. Awwwww…. thanks for subscribing Miatta


  2. The thing I love about Haman moments is that one you correct them it brings you one step back two steps forward. This also helps me not to be so full of my self like Haman and realise that other people do great things too. šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜


  3. It truly is impactful! When you make plans, God laughs. We have to not see it as defeat, but improvisation.


  4. The kind of favour Mordecai and Esther experienced is just super awesome and clearly divinely orch orchestrated, if you just watch how it plays out, every bit working accordingly for the purpose of the plan to be fulfilled. God is the master planner and it’s amazing to know, he got me.

    Yas let’s see the song writhings…sure if Wil be cool. God bless ya


  5. I love how you say that God’s movies would fall under the category of comedy or thriller. It does feel like that sometime – but there’s always a silver lining if you’re patient.


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