Sustaining God’s Favor- The Esther Series

Hello Greatness,

Yaaaaaay!!! This is the final episode of the Esther series and I can’t help but say I’ve learnt quite a lot from her story. My main aim was to focus on just her but I realized that the people around her are also quite as important as she is to fulfilling her purpose. That got me thinking about the people I have around me- you know, those that love me and cheer me on, as well as those who wish for my ill-fate. What I’ve learnt so far is that we shouldn’t let our opposition derail us from achieving what we’re meant to do. I mean, look at the length that Haman went to in order to destroy Esther’s people (without ever realizing it’s the Queen’s people). See, sometimes we don’t have to let everyone know what we’re capable of immediately. Imagine if Haman had known she was a Jew, I doubt if he wouldn’t have seriously conspired against her being Queen. In a nutshell, we have to take advantage of every opportunity God presents us, even in the face of opposition. I really do hope you’ve been enjoying this series.

Since this is the last episode, I think it’s just right for us to talk about Queen Esther just one last time. I’m fascinated by this woman’s dedication to her purpose, her resilience in the face of difficulty, her ability to think fast, and her patience to wait out her plan. This woman just proved that it’s possible to be calm even when we are staring at our opposition right in the face. Mordecai told her who was responsible for threatening to wipe out her people, yet she invited Haman to the banquet with the King. I know for sure that I would be too upset to even make you think I like you. Why would I even try to make you feel like I respect you? But wisdom is profitable to direct(Eccl. 10:10). I mean, she acted like a Queen that she is- a Queen knows that she has power and wouldn’t want to abuse it because she is responsible for her actions- to herself, the king, and the people. At first, I thought- Oh Esther became the Queen because she was favored and I also want that kind of favor. As true as that is, Esther never took advantage of that favor. She actually sustained that favor. Favor can get you the crown, but wisdom sustains it. Hmmm, I wonder the number of times where God had presented me with various opportunities to sustain my favor and I missed it coz I could only think about what people would say, or could only see the opposition.

Esther was highly favored by the King, he never lost any opportunity to show her just how much he loved her. Yet, she never allowed this to affect her. She allowed him to show her his love, and she reciprocated by respecting him. Come to think of it- isn’t that what God’s plan for the home is- if the husbands love their wives enough, they would gain their wives respect? But then again, that’s not today’s topic. I think we as Christians have a lot to learn from Esther’s relationship with her husband, and how we should be with God. We become somewhat complacent- thinking it was our effort and God had no input whatsoever. Have you forgotten that God actually said you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you? (Phil. 4:13).

A lot of times, we go to God knowing He’d give us what we ask, but we don’t ask the right ways. Take a look at Esther, she was already the Queen (and if she were like a lot of us, she had nothing else to prove to the king. I mean, she proved herself already and was chosen as the Queen, what more does she have to prove?) The King tells her to ask for whatever she wants (much like God does)- even to the half of His Kingdom (our God is not limited by a Kingdom). Sounds like a great offer doesn’t it? She could have requested for half of the Kingdom and kept all the Jews there, safe from the fear of Haman’s pending destruction, or she could have asked for Haman’s head- at least he would be dead and would no longer be a threat to her people. Instead, she decided to give him what he deserved before making her request. She prepared a banquet for him. Isn’t that similar to what God deserves- our worship? That banquet made the King’s head swell even more- he was proud of his wife, his own choice. Why can’t we be just like that when we need something from God? Give God what He deserves, and wait for Him to ask what you want from Him. It’s really that easy. God is not really as complicated as we want Him to be. Stop putting God in a box (sounds like a blog post idea).



22 thoughts on “Sustaining God’s Favor- The Esther Series

    1. I love this!!! There is indeed a lot we all can learn from Esther. She is a true definition of a queen. She went against what a typical woman in her predicament would have done time without number. This book alone carries so much spiritual depth is quite fascinating. As always I enjoy reading your blog. Keep them coming 💃💃💃


      1. She really did a lot of wonderful things. I want to be counted as one of those powerful Christian women who stood for what is right and did it loving God. Thanks for reading Miata


    1. Thanks for stopping by Amanda. I’m glad you found the post inspiring. I thought I knew so much about Esther as well until I started reading and gaining new insights.


    1. Yes Laura….. You can start from the very beginning as well as going back to the Bible as well. The five episodes in this series were from Esther 1 through 8. There’s a lot to learn. I would also love to hear your thoughts when you gain those insights


  1. You know, I’ve never really thought about it in this way before. I really appreciate the insight.


  2. It’s so easy to give power to others. t’s so true that we should give power to our champions and not play all our cards with our opposition. It’s nice to have a reminder because that’s a hard lesson to keep .


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