Goodbye, Friend

Hello Greatness,

It always hurts to say goodbye to someone we’ve spent a significant part of our lives with

How difficult is it to break up with someone? How do you get your point across to someone and let them know your relationship with them is over? I’ve been thinking of a way to break up with someone for a while now. This person is closely associated with me and when I found out about the person’s lie, I couldn’t continue with the relationship. So, I decided to write a break up letter to the person. I want to publicly be dissociated from the person. I want that person to get the message that I’ve moved on. I’m with someone who is a lot more fun to be with and who understands me better. This letter will give you the closure you need because this is the last of me you will ever hear.


You were my closest ally

I ran to you first every time I had to make a decision

Everywhere I went, I sought you for answers

When I want to do something, you asked me how that’s possible

Telling me I have to take calculated risks, so I don’t regret things

There’s always a rational explanation for why I should or shouldn’t do something

Then I made a new friend, Grace

But you couldn’t afford to share me

In a jealous rage you asked me what Grace had to offer me

You blocked all access to her because you told me all she had to offer were lies

You always found every opportunity to make my new friend look stupid

I sought comfort in your words because you seemed to make more sense than my new friend

You told me not to do things blindly just because someone new was here

You asked me how I could choose to obey someone I couldn’t even see

We both understood each other so it felt better to stick with what I knew

I got comfortable because you told me to

Trying out new things is scary, so why do them?

Because of you, I flirted with the idea of giving up

I shared my most intimate secrets with you

And because you knew them, you manipulated me

You introduced me to a world of mediocrity

Showing me what living that kind of life guarantees

I couldn’t see past your lies because I was blinded by how consistent your words were

I thought we were friends

When in reality, all you did was enslave me

Then my new friend told me not to take her words for it

She told me to study to show myself approved (2 Tim. 2:15)

She told me to study the biographies of others who have listened to her words

But you told me I was different from them, it was a different time

Like a fool, I believed you

We were different, you said

Grace was so persistent

She asked, why do you have to be ashamed of what you already know?

I knew I had to let you go, but you knew me so well

I figured I’d rather stick to what I know rather than trying new things

I forgot that I was still holding on to your lies that new things are bad

I became trapped in my comfort zone

Great thing I took to the advice of my new friend

I saw that I have been made free for freedom’s sake (Galatians 5:1)

I really shouldn’t be subject to any form of slavery anymore

Even if it is under the guise of a great friendship

I confronted you with this news

But you asked me what that meant

How could I accuse you of slavery when you always got me to do the right things?

You asked if you had ever steered me wrong

And foolishly, I believed you

I asked Grace why she’s trying to sow a seed of discord between us

She simply replied by asking me what your name is

What’s in a name?

She asked me what kind of relationship we had

I thought Grace was only jealous of our friendship

Then she asked me again

What’s your friend’s name?

I said, Fear

She told me that I have not been given a spirit of fear (2 Tim. 1:7)

But of love, and of a sound mind

I defended you and told her you were sound

Your advice makes sense and I could always count on it

Grace didn’t stop there

She said there is no fear in love

She told me I’m a new creature (2 Cor. 5:17)

How can I be a new creature when I get older every minute? (John 3:1-21)

She said it’s not just by appearance

She said my mind has to be renewed (Romans 12:2)

I told her she’s beginning to spit out rubbish and say things that makes me rely on you

Then she packed up mud and spit on it (John 9:6-7)

I looked at her with contempt for acting foolishly

And just as I was thinking about how gross what she was doing was

She rubbed the mud on my eyes

Ewwww!!!! I said

How disgusting. How could you rub that on my eyes?

She said, go wash your face

I went to the only place I knew to wash my face

That was when I saw it

The Lord is my light and my salvation (Psalm 27:1)

Why should I fear?

You see, we can’t be friends

I cannot allow you rule my life and oversee my decisions

I have been created for interesting things

My relationship with you is over from now on

I’ve moved on with my new friend, Grace

All traces of you have been deleted from my life

Goodbye fear.



24 thoughts on “Goodbye, Friend

  1. This is amazingly creative and Inspiring.More wisdom and insights from the Holy Spirit.
    I am moving on with my new friend,GRACE💃💃💃.Goodbye Fear!!!


  2. Wow! This was sooooo good! You had me going in the beginning. I was like “oh no”. Then I saw it was done fear! So good! So creative!


    1. Thanks a great deal for reading. After posting, I decided to read as well and i was surprised by how this started. Almost got me going as well. But, good riddamce


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