Hello Greatness,

This post is one of the very great ones and I thought to share it will all those who haven’t read it. It paints a picture about comparison and getting to love you for your own strengths.


This is true life, painful story, and I’m sharing ‘cos I have been relieved. Funny how we can be mad and chase after the wind when we could just learn to enjoy the breeze. Anyways this blog is about my confession of my long jealousy for a well known and respected woman. No,  I’m not crazy, it’s just what I caught my self doing. Feel free to confess your sins in the comments too(LOL).  I hope you learn like I did!

SPOILER ALERT!: We are besties now and she’s my woman crush today



You keep getting on my nerves

You are just an impossible match

Every single day, all I do is struggle to be YOU

I have read your biography more than a billion times

If you ask me, I could spit it word for word

It’s not a complicated textbook whose terms I can’t comprehend


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  1. Thank you for sharing! It’s so easy to get caught up in comparison and forget we are individuals with our own lives and paths carved out specifically and intentionally by God!

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  2. Paul says:

    I really like these lines:

    What’s the point trying to fit in when we can soar?
    What’s the essence of being called HER when we’ve been given a name?

    The creator of the multiverse who’d dotted the skies with trillions of stars — each endowed with its unique glow and glitter surely has gifted every person with unique set of gifts. It is almost impossible being distracted by another when one is busy discovering and harnessing ones own gifts. One can’t be distracted by another light while shinning ones own light.

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    1. It’s very essential for us to understand our own calling before we become the second version of another man’s purpose, that’s how God made it, we are meant to be unique intentionally


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