Watch What You “Watch”

Hello Greatness,

Here’s to progress in our guest series on the 7 Deadly Sins. We’ve treated two sins so far- Pride, you can read that here, and gluttony, you can read that here. In case you haven’t read those posts, please do. I don’t want to say too much. Enjoy today’s post.

Have you realized how powerful your mind is? Has it happened to you that you were thinking of
someone and just as you were about to call the person up, the person calls you or sends a text?
Pretty neat right? I think we are not always aware of the way our mind works, its capabilities
and extents, so we just allow as many thoughts as possible to roam about.
The thing about the mind is that is helps in creating pictures. Like you could be listening to
music, and you just start to see yourself dancing certain moves in a particular environment and
just having fun. While you are seeing this picture form, you’re at the comfort of your bed or
maybe an office desk, yet with your mind, you are just grooving seriously.
The mind feeds. Like, our mind eats food! Did you know that? Have you ever heard that your
mind eats food? Well, now you know. Consciously and unconsciously, the mind feeds.

Okay let me give you an example. I love watching romantic movies a lot. It could be back to back movie watching and I don’t even get tired. The way the music is played, how he locks his eyes on her as though they were the only two people in the world. Then the build up to that first kiss is just so awesome, watching and waiting for it to happen and boom they lock lips and I can feel tingles. I must say I enjoyed feeling the tingles and I guess that’s why I kept going back for more. My eyes would gaze continuously on these romantic movies over and over. Ever heard the eyes are the windows to the soul? That is one way of feeding your mind, through your eyes. So, I fed mine deeply.
When a guy that has been talking to me consistently looks at me, I start to imagine our first kiss, his lips on mine and what the feeling could be. I would even close my eyes to immerse myself in the imagination and create what the feeling could be. I would imagine how it would be if he deeply loved me and took me as his wife then we do what I always see in the movies.

David was a man just like you and I and he also may have underestimated the power of his mind. He was talking a walk on his tall lovely palace. While walking, he leaned over and guess what he saw? Radiant beauty all opened up before him. She was bathing and every bit of her was revealed for his eyes to see and mind to feast on. To move away was hard, even if his spirit wanted to leave, his eyes had been enticed by this loveliness and his body imagine pleasures so he couldn’t move. He stayed and watched the whole show not skipping a second.
Now, he imagined and pictured that he could have the radiant beauty he saw. How do I get this
gift for myself he wondered? He would go as far as killing a man just to acquire that which he
desired, imagined and pictured in his mind, surely nothing would stop him. Being King, David
instructed that her husband be put in the war front against the enemies in battle knowing that the
likelihood of his survival was slim to none. Yes, he died. The obstacle to his desire had been
removed and now he could have what he wanted and yes, he did have her all to himself
Lust wasn’t mentioned in the 10 laws initially given right. Jesus said in

 Matthew 5:28 “but I tell
you that everyone who gazes at a. woman to lust after her has committed. adultery with her already in his heart”

Did you see that? The sin takes place in the mind already. Actions are stirred from thoughts and ideas we have in our minds. Jesus knew that from what we imagined; we would eventually act out for as a man thinks in his heart so is he. Lust is not an unknown occurrence, we all know when it’s happening, we feel the tingles and start to imagine the action and more often than none, what we imagined comes to pass just like with David.
That is why the bible to says to guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of
life. Therefore, be careful of the food you give your mind so it doesn’t create lust for you which
eventually develops to the action that you would later regret.

Remember the eyes, and ears are both physical and spiritual gateways. Don’t let yourself listen to every single thing or watch whatever shows in the media. Every time you feed yourself with such, a seed is being planted, the more you do so, you’re watering the seed and creating an environment for the tree to sprout.
God has given us the ability to control ourselves and minds, not the other way around. Even if
you have made mistakes in the past, his grace is available to get you help and strength to do
better. You have to do the needful in filtering what you take in because garbage in equals
garbage out.

Blessing Alfa loves God and seeks to impact lives of many around her. A minister in songs and words with many wonderful families and friends around the world💛

Thanks a great deal for reading!

With exceeding love,


17 thoughts on “Watch What You “Watch”

  1. Chaiii… This is is 🌶. I must admit.. I had a few laughs OUT LOUD😂😂. “Tingling” chai🕵🕵. Very intruguing I must say. But I did learn somethings though. This mind truly is powerful. So I loved the part where the writer says be aware of the foods we feed our mind. Because truly whatever we feed it we will later have to consume. Keep them coming Mz. Ola💃💃💃


    1. I know…. I enjoyed reading as well coz I learnt a lot. God divinely selected the people and gave them the topics. Looking forward to reading them all. Glad you loved it Miatta


  2. God bless you for this dear, had a good laugh and smile while reading along, but the truth was still felt in its entirety.
    It could really be hard to make decisions such as this, but with God, all things are possible, He supplies Grace to the meek at heart☺☺


    1. What a wonderful and inspiring piece! Our minds are fed on just as we feed our stomach. More inspiration is released.


  3. Your r right before we actually sin is already in our mind and heart. For men or women also who commits adultry it is because they already committed it already in thier heart and couldn’t hold themselves again. That’s why God said its lust. Cant really remember that verse but he explained well on how it’s your lust that led you to sin. And God said there is no temptation that he hasn’t given you the power to overcome. Yes no one is perfect. But its good to tell ourselves the truth rather than given ourselves excuse and excuses for people. There is no temptation has been set that God has not given us power to overcome as believers of christ. It’s because we have made up our mind to do it or because we r already addicted to it. We cannot do any thing by ourselves that’s why we need the holy spirit.
    And yes for romantic movies you r very right. Am still working on it and its by gods grace because it isnt easy. Very tempting to go back to watching it especially when u have started. Now the devil helps multiply that.


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