A Lover by Association

Hello Greatness,

Describe the day your relationship with Jesus started“…… that was the question I asked a few of my friends some days ago. I asked this because I realized there was a time when I was also a lover by association. No…. I wasn’t a side piece, but I was grasping the measly crumbs by those who were wrapped in the hands of the Relentless lover. When I asked this question, I had prepared my imagination for something powerful…. and I wasn’t disappointed. They started to tell me about the depth of their relationship and when it started and how it did. Most of them knew who led them to Christ. One of them asked me what I meant by the word “started,” and I was like, here comes various interpretations. I never realized this answer could come in various ways, but the responses I got showed me this. Just as I was pondering this, another of my friend asked me, “is your question about when I became consciously aware of Jesus?” Then I realized that, just like this my question, it’s possible to have various interpretations of so many things- and so many things could get lost in translation- just like I thought I was a solid Christian. If I asked you to describe the day your relationship with that significant other (supposing you have one) started, I imagine that my ear will be full. That will be a very interesting tale. So now, I pose that same question to you- could you describe the first time you encountered Jesus??

I had thought that my relationship with Christ started from the day I was born into a Christian home. I figured I could piggyback off my parent’s relationship with God. Little did I know that I was actually being a third wheel. When I wasn’t fully satisfied with that relationship, I thought my singing out really loud in Sunday School or knowing all the memory verses by heart meant I was now in an exclusive relationship with God. However, it was yet another open relationship. I don’t know how solid I expected that relationship to be. There I was, growing strong in my service to a God I didn’t fully know. I understood the concept of right and wrong. I thought being “good” was enough to get me to Heaven. Little did I know that there has to be a sort of commitment- a personal relationship with this God that I serve.

I know nothing God does is by chance. He orchestrates several happenings that when we start to piece them together, we finally start to understand what God really is doing. By the time I finally gave my life to Christ, I started to put those Sunday School songs and those memory verses together and it all started to make sense. I was in the “honeymoon” stage, just like one of my friends put it. I hope you are not like me that can point to a time when you were on fire for God, so to speak. Nothing could shake your faith because it seems very fresh. Well, if you were like me- what put out that fire? One of my friends said she got into a relationship with someone else who took the place of God. My question for you- is someone taking the place of God right now? You know, sometimes we don’t even realize that someone or something has taken up this place. To answer this question, you’ve got to figure out what constantly occupies your thoughts. When that’s answered, figure out what you need to do to get Jesus back there. We really need to get over reminiscing on the days when we newly started our relationship with God and figure out how to get back there.

These are a few suggestions to help you get back to a place of rest in God (this is largely based on the responses):

  • Pray and fast (one of my friends fasted for two days in order to hear from God)
  • Break off that relationship that’s pushing God from your heart and let God be the sole owner of your heart
  • Do those things you used to do when you originally started- one said she used to eat the Word for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Another one said she writes letters to the Holy Spirit.
  • Get excited about the blessings God showers on you
  • Make sure you are constantly surrounded by people who share this same love of God with you

I know there are several people out there who know of God, you’ve heard of Him, but you’re yet to fully give yourself to Him by giving Him your heart. It might be true that you haven’t done anything really bad, but the Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The only thing that separates us from God is our sin, because He is holy and only those who are holy can have a solid relationship with Him. So, you can just say a very sincere prayer….. Lord, I know that I have sinned. Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. Lord, I give You my heart today, and I promise to love You with all my heart from today. Thank you for saving me. It really is that simple. And for those that already know Him, never forget to proclaim your love for Him.

Thanks for reading!

With exceeding love,


19 thoughts on “A Lover by Association

  1. Very inspiring. Some people have also gotten so used to hearing and discussion God so much that it has no influence on their lives.

    We all need to retrace our steps back to how it originally started.

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  2. This is an awesome one, it’s important that we are conscious of our relationship with God…that’s usually what drives our growth and choices daily…..the present awareness of Jesus

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    1. This is powerful truly. Reminds of that Worhsip song. “I’m coming back to the heart of worship, cause it all about you”. In reading this… It allows me to put things back in perspective. And just as in any relationship, there will come a time when one will need to rekindle that flame, ask for grace to go back to our first love and for the fire to continue burning. God bless you… On time post sis!!!

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  3. This is beautiful, it just means we shouldn’t get too familiar with God. Getting to know Him on a newer level it is. Thanks


  4. I listened to a sermon recently, and the preacher talked about freshness of the spirit. He said many believers May not have back sliden. But they lack freshness of the Spirit because they are not connected to the spirit, they are just lying down like a disconnected hose around the faucet (Spirit of God) without being conneted to the flow. We need to seek out a secret place to commune with God continually in order to remain connected to God.

    Another way we can reconnect or stay connected to God, is genuine and continuous father and child relationship. Jeremiah 3:19.

    I thought to myself, ‘I would love to treat you as my own children!’ I wanted nothing more than to give you this beautiful land—the finest possession in the world. I looked forward to your calling me ‘Father,’ and I wanted you never to turn from me

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  5. Thank you so much dear. This is a word in season!I had some questions in my mind this week and the Holy Spirit kept impressing it on my heart to read this particular post.I was not in the mood to read any blog post whether it was from Mzola or any other favorite Christian blogger of mine, but the impression got stronger and I just read it this morning (Saturday) and I was blessed.I got my word via the suggestions you gave to get back to a place of rest with God.Thank you Jesus!!!


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