Understanding the Oooohs and Aaaahs

Hello Greatness,  

I’ve been studying the book of Psalms and I’ve got to say that each day, there is a new level of respect I have for David. The way he pours his heart out to God is interesting. He prays when things are good and when they are bad…. it’s just a sort of relationship I like. No wonder God called him a friend. Despite this relationship, he never felt a need to defend God. On several occassions, he tells God to rise up and defend Himself. That’s not the topic for today really. Just wanted you to understand my need for a stronger, personal relationship with God.

Most times, I know that we want to feel like the bible times are so far away, but I would like to think I would have behaved like the Pharisees in Acts 3:1-7. I mean, Jesus saw an obvious sickness and rather than just say you’re healed, He said his sins were forgiven. Excuse me, I’m not here to offer a burnt offering. Like, way to ignore the obvious here.  Doesn’t it feel like that sometimes when we pray ourselves? When we pray for something and God gives us something else.

You see, the thing is that our minds, as humans, is quite limited. Do you think all your decisions are final just as God’s is? Imagine if God gave you everything you ever asked for and you keep changing your mind each time. Does that really make Him a loving God? God sees way beyond the immediate and knows just what we need. To be able to really stand before our God, our minds and hearts need to be pure. For his healing to be made whole, there was a need to feel close to him.

Okay, let me explain this to make my point a lil clear- have you ever received a gift from someone, a very expensive gift really, and everyone around you is ooohing and aaahing but then you don’t get what everyone else is so excited about. You appreciate this gift because it’s so obvious it’s a big deal, but you don’t get it. And all you can just simply think in your heart is- I really wish I had a manual, or a basic understanding of how to use this gift.  Lol, what do you think that gift would mean to you? Quite a waste of such an expensive and pretty gift because you don’t understand what to use the gift for or how to use it. Truth is, no matter how valuable that gift is, it loses it’s sense of value when you don’t know what to do with it. It’s almost like giving a very rare coin to someone who doesn’t know the value. If it were me, I would just be pissed that all you gave me is a coin, imagine, a coin. How can people be very excited about just a coin. It takes just one person to tell me that the coin is valuable (with evidence, mind you, for anyone who wants to gift me a rare collectible), before I finally appreciate the gift. The thing is, Jesus forgave the man’s sins so there could be a deep level of appreciation. We need to learn to see beyond the obvious. Don’t even get me started with the faith of his friends…. that’s got to be a topic for another day.

With exceeding love,


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  1. Beautiful. He has the best gifts that He offers us, and He reveals the value to us over time through our lives.


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