Spread Your Wings!!!!

Hello Greatness,

There’s something about a good narrative that keeps people interested in learning something. Have you ever thought of a time when someone taught you something and used an example that you can easily relate to in order to break that thing down, and you feel like there couldn’t have been a better way for that thing to be explained. I had a conversation with my friend today and she made mention of an incident with her sister who left a mark on a young boy with her story. Funny how when we tell people things, we don’t know how they process the information we give to them. To you who said it, it might not mean much, but you just might have left a lasting effect on that person. A few weeks ago, I got an email that I had won a book because I had shared my story, I sent in my address and just kind of forgot about it. Got the book today and was super duper excited. I cannot wait to read it.

You see, there’s something to be said about a legacy. I was reading through Psalm 78, and the Bible records that the reason some of the Israelite were quick to turn to idolatry was because they had no idea what God is capable of doing—– they didn’t know about the God who provided manna from Heaven for them to eat, the God who got them water out of rocks, the God who parted the Red Sea (Read Psalm 78:12-20 to get the full context of what I’m trying to say). If you read that chapter from the beginning, you would see that it starts by telling us to listen to the words and pay attention to the things of old and would not hide them from the next generation. See, it is dangerous to build something beautiful without letting someone else know how you got there.

The truth is, the average human being is selfish (God help us all). We all really just want to be successful and be praised for our hard-work. If we really could have our way, we would have people eating out of our hands just so we show them how better we are (really, thank God for God in some of our lives ooo). We tend to assume that sharing our success story, I mean really sharing our story with others will turn them into our competitors. You think, if I share this story now, this person will take the same steps and be on the same level. Shouldn’t you be happier when you see others doing well? Even if it turns out that the person does better than you, you should be very content in asking the person what they did to make things better. They might have a thing or two to share.

Be flexible enough to raise someone else up to where you are!!!!

It’s very interesting how if you just asked one random person what their purpose is, it would involve making the world a better place. However, I should also ask what steps the person has taken to actually achieve that goal. Even if we’ve shown someone an act of kindness and they don’t repay that act, it still shouldn’t stop us from doing something nice for someone else. I came across a wonderful scripture….. Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it! (Hebrews 13:2 NLT). It is possible for us, as humans, to get the temporary credentials to act as angels as well.

Remember what I was saying earlier about narratives, your legacy and the story behind it is very important. However, I would implore you to allow God write your story!!!!

With exceeding love,


6 Comments Add yours

  1. B Alfa says:

    Very beautiful and true


    1. Mz_Ola says:

      Thanks for the kind words B!!!!


  2. Ayobola says:

    No one can write anybody’s story better than God. No one!!! Nice write up.


    1. Mz_Ola says:

      Thank you!!!! Yeah I realize that, and so I’m in no competition with anyone.


  3. Dabodabs says:

    Truly inspiring! Selfishness is one of the legacy of the fall of man. So in order to separate from it, we need to encounter the true nature of God’s love. Should we only wish growth to end with us, and can’t appreciate others to grow better than us, then, how do we expect a sustainable world of growth in love and tranquility and how do we then wish to fulfilled our purpose? As I end with these few words saying, “the true legacy of a man isn’t found in the limit he broke but it’s identified in the legacies he made available in the lives that end up breaking his limit and producing greater impact in the world.” Christ gave us the assurance that it only takes our beliefs to do greater miracles than He did, otherwise, we’re not and can never be limited. Thank you so much and God bless you!


    1. Mz_Ola says:

      Thanks for the kind words Dabo……. Christ indeed has equipped us with the ability to achieve great things


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