The Gratitude Challenge

Hello Greatness,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted and I’ve missed writing to you. I’m really excited to be able to do this again. I know it’s the end of the year, and it’s right about the time when people start to go through their goals for 2019….. excited to see how much things you’ve crossed off the list? Well, that’s a great thing.

Undergrad ’15

I have a proposition for you all for the remaining days of 2019. I wouldn’t say this idea was all mine, but I’m glad God aligned my thoughts with my Pastor’s. You see, I’ve been trying to write up a post on gratitude for a while now, and his sermon on Sunday was just like the big push I needed. 2019 has been a great year. Even for those who think it might have been difficult, you certainly are one of the living, which is why you understand what it means to have a difficult year, I feel like that’s something to be grateful for.

NYSC ’16

For a while now, God has been taking me through a lesson on gratitude and thanksgiving. I learned that it’s possible to actually be grateful to God for what He’s done without realizing that you’re attributing the glory to someone else. Yeah, that seems confusing right? Well, I felt that way for a while. Here’s what I mean==> Imagine thanking God for His provisions, and one part of you starts to think “Oh, well, my dad gave me the money for tuition, so maybe I should dwell on something that seems more like a big deal than this.” Or were you just thinking about that job you got and all you could think about is the connection that helped you secure the job. I’ve been there so many times without truly realizing it. We feel like God deserves the praise for only the things we can’t explain, so we dwell on those things and forget about the ones that we can explain. We can think of God only as the big picture guy. God is known for miracles and exciting stuffs, we really shouldn’t bother Him about the small stuffs. Never feel like someone else should receive the praise that belongs to God. We are actually sufficient in God’s sufficiency (Philippians 4:13), and even though you could put a face to that blessing, it doesn’t rule out the role God played in getting those blessings your way.

Waiting for bus in the cold ’17

I mentioned earlier that the sermon on Sunday was the big push I needed. Here’s why, I learnt that there are triggers to thanksgiving, and they are: Reflection, Record-keeping, and Rejoicing. So, I would like to challenge you, for the remaining days of 2019, to reflect on all the things God has done for you, remember as much specifics as you can, and celebrate the various wins you’ve had and will still have this year. There are so many people that have given up on 2019, all they can see is the slow diminish of their hopes. What you need to understand is that God can do amazing things in 14 days, I mean He created the whole world in just six days. I really hope you take up the gratitude challenge. Praise God for all the miracles in your life, thank the people who have been a source of blessing, be grateful for everything around you because God deserves it.

With exceeding love,


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  1. Akinkunmi says:

    Gratitude! you’ve just drawn a wonderful curtain of hope. Lord, I am grateful…


  2. Love this. Gratitude is definitely the way to finish out the year!!


  3. Nonso Nnamani says:

    Not an easy virtue at all, but it is something we have to learn.


  4. Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.

    Liked by 1 person

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