God’s Battle Plan

Hello Friends,

I can’t believe it’s the middle of the year already. I remember 2020 feeling like it couldn’t come fast enough because there were so many plans for 2020, and now that it’s here, its almost like we can’t catch a break. Well, I have a word that would hopefully relieve you of that feeling. I know we are all aware that God does not bend to the rules of time like we do, but how well do you really believe this when faced with difficult situations? I mean, it always seems like God is not responding to you fast enough even though He is aware of the severity of the situation you’re in and the need for speed (pun intended… to those who don’t love movies, I’m sorry if you don’t get this). There I go again, writing more than I really want to. It’s like my hands have a mind of their own.

Anyways, the word I have for you is that God is five or more steps ahead of the opposition or whatever situation you’re in. I feel like I can say this and be done with this post. But please, just indulge me and I would tell you exactly what I mean. Thanks for the patience… that’s a virtue I’m working on. Okay, okay… back to the point of this post. I’m currently reading the book of Joshua, and first of all, it’s interesting seeing the switch between the ruler-ship of Moses and that of Joshua. It feels like Moses was absolutely content in the presence of God and he interceded a lot on behalf of the Israelites; whereas, Joshua was handed over the baton and immediately was faced with battling so many oppositions. So basically, Moses prepared the people’s mindset for getting into their Canaan-land, and Joshua walked them through it physically since their minds have been prepared. Hmmm, this means that we have to both be spiritually (through our minds) and physically (through actions like prayer, studying the Word or declaring our testimonies) fight our oppositions.

I’m getting into the real reason for this post, so please just follow my reasoning. Now, I’m sure everyone is aware about the fall of the Wall of Jericho… I mean, there’s a song about it. I’m glad you know that story, but there were so many more battles to be won before the Israelites could fully settle in their land. So the second lesson for today is that even though God has prepared a land flowing with milk and honey, be prepared to fight your way to settle in there. Do you really think someone who is living in that kind of land will give it up without a fight? While there will be battles to be fought, God has promised that He will be with you, so that is your consolation.

Anyways, in Joshua 8, there was yet another kingdom that the Israelites had to fight (the kingdom of Ai). God encouraged Joshua and told him not to worry because he will defeat this kingdom just like he defeated Jericho. And let’s take that as lesson number three, if God did it before, He will do it again. If you listen carefully, God will instruct you on ways to defeat that situation you’re currently in. One of the ways for Joshua was for him to gather his people and go and fight. My question to you is, when the day to fight comes, who are the people you have in your corner? Do you have family, friends, pastors, church members who will encourage you and fight with you? Think about that!!!

When Joshua rose up, God gave him instructions. Now this is very interesting so read this carefully. God told Joshua to choose some of his people to go into some parts of the city at night. They were not to attack, all they had to do was lie in wait and be ready. Then Joshua and some other men will actually enter into the city where they are supposed to fight. This part cracked me up…. when the people of the city (Ai) approach Joshua and his men, then they would run away. I smiled when I read this because it felt very wrong. Like why would you go to someone’s city, take the fight to them, and then start running when they are ready to fight you back? Then I continued reading and I realized that I knew that there were some other men lying in wait, but the men of Ai didn’t have this information. So of course, just like I felt they were wrong for fleeing in the face of opposition, the men of Ai found that it was just easy for them to quickly defeat the Israelites, so they went in pursuit of them. How exactly do you prepare for what you don’t see coming? How could they have known that there were some other people laying in ambush to defeat them? Well, to cut the story short, Joshua’s plan worked, they successfully lured all the warriors of Ai out and then the others laying in ambush defeated them. Like I said earlier, God has a battle plan for every opposition. Before the people of Ai were even aware that a battle was coming to them, a battle plan had been put in place.

Please take some comfort in these words—-> God is aware of that situation you are going through, and even before it came, He had put together a concrete plan that might seem stupid to the ordinary person, but to someone who believes, its worth your time. God cares too much about you to leave you hanging on to your past glory. There is a new kingdom to be won if you decide to listen to His instruction.



PS: I recommend you read Joshua 8 yourself.

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  1. This just resonated with my spirit. God has a plan in place, and while we may have to battle, He already had the victory even in our flaws. Thank you for this✨


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