Hello Greatness,

Chosen: one who is the object of choice or of divine favor; an elect person

Merriam Webster Dictionary

This year, I have faced a lot of changes in my relationship with God and I am absolutely excited about how things are beginning to unfold. One of such changes was inspired by my word for the year “Intentionality.” You see, because I wrote down what I wanted to be intentional about, it’s becoming a reality. I wrote that my conversations with people will be about God. If you can’t find a way to infuse God into that conversation or make it outrightly about God, then we probably shouldn’t even be speaking and I am absolutely loving it. Another change is being intentional about writing content that are only inspired by the Holy Spirit, they have to be spirit-thoughts not human thoughts, and as a result, I’ve found myself not posting a lot of contents because I kept hearing “hold on.” Long story short, I believe what you are about to read is at least for one person if not for everyone reading, but my hope is that everyone who sees this receives the revelation behind the words.

Let’s begin this post by reading these words out loud, God has chosen me to be His own; He has separated me and caused me to stand out; I (Olawunmi) am a product of God’s choice.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s really hard to miss the fact that everyone chosen by God is thoroughly loved by Him. One of Maverick City‘s songs, “Jireh” emphasizes this point where one of the lead singers sang…. “I’m already loved; I’m already chosen; I know who I am; I know what He’s spoken; and that is enough.” One thing to note about that definition of chosen, it defines chosen as one who is an object of divine favor. God favors you because He chose you. There are two important essentials of being chosen which I will talk about in this post: the how and the what.

How to know you are chosen:

  • God will give instructions on what you need to do. You see, the God we serve is interested in a relationship. They say it takes two to tango and I’ve got to tell you God loves this dance. He chooses you and He expects you to play your part. The people chosen by God always have a purpose that accompanies it. Myles Munroe said when the purpose of a thing is not know, abuse is inevitable. When you don’t understand the reason God chose you, there is no way to enjoy the benefits that accompanies it. The Bible says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. So, listen for what God asks from you and do your part and see how things will begin to unravel. Mind you, those instructions might not always make sense, but if you are sure it’s from God, do what He asks you to do. Genesis 18:18-19
  • You will be filled with the Spirit of God. There are so many benefits that accompanies being filled with the Spirit of God- this is because you become unstoppable, there is no limit to how far God will take you because of His Spirit within you. This Spirit makes you One with Him because through it, you can easily communicate. Besides, only those who are filled can truly get instructions on what to do. With this Spirit, you gain skills, become creative, and knowledgeable in all things. Exodus 31:1-3
  • You have exclusive rights to the assignment God has given you. Now, I understand that God distributes His gift to so many people. But God knows each of us, and He forms our assignment based on who He created us to be. Which is why you would see people with the same gifts utilize them in different ways. The reason it pays to be chosen by God to do that thing is because He has entrusted you with that ability and only you can put that spin on the assignment the way He expects you to do it. You will be an original, not a copy. This does not negate the possibility of following your leaders or mentors, it just means you might have the same grace they have but with a different spin on it. Only you and God will know how that works. With this exclusivity comes ease and joy at being able to complete your assignment. All this means is God handpicked you to do this job. Numbers 18:5-7.

If you open those Bible verses included in the “hows,” you will notice that God begins most of the statements with “I have chosen you” and it ends with “so that….” It’s a very simple logic to follow. God’s choice+instructions=overflowing blessings.

What is means to be chosen:

  1. You are loved by God. I think those lyrics I wrote about earlier explains this, but let me further explain. God is love, and that means He loves everyone. Does that mean everyone loves God? Absolutely not. However, those who are chosen understand the depth of His love. Deuteronomy 4:37-38(AMP) puts it in a nice way, “And because He loved your fathers, He chose….” Because He loves, He chooses. Deuteronomy 10:15
  2. You are God’s prized possession. God values you and treats you as special. He counts you as holy because only those who are holy can enjoy Him. You don’t have to be holy when He chooses you, but you have to be holy once you become chosen. Paul wasn’t always the great Apostle that he was until he became God’s chosen and you almost can’t talk about the New Testament without mentioning Paul. Deuteronomy 7:7, Ephesians 1:4-5.
  3. You will be honored and favored by many. I really don’t think this needs more explanation #nuffsaid Deuteronomy 26:18-19
  4. You are chosen to be royalty. Basically, you are supposed to have the aura of someone that wields authority. I think most people are familiar with 1 Peter 2:9, if not, then maybe the song that was inspired by the verse.
  5. God chooses you to become fruitful. As a result of the fruit you bear, whenever you ask for anything from God, He answers you. You will join the generation of, “while you were yet speaking…..” John 15:16

Something to note about being chosen is that God is concerned about our heart, and He also has the ability to harden one’s heart (Pharaoh can testify). Your heart is an important treasure for God. A benefit of being chosen that must not be overlooked is salvation. You know God the way you know Him because He chose you (Read John 6:44, Romans 8:28-30).

My advice: Read those scriptures included in the “whats” in multiple versions and start to declare their truths over your life.

We love the concept of being chosen right? However, the same God who chooses us expects the same from us. We have the right to say no and reject it, but because God wants our response to His to be from our hearts, He never imposes on us. Read Deuteronomy 30:19-20, Joshua 24:15.

God has His arms wide open, please run to Him.

With exceeding love,


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