In the Midst of the Storm

Hello Greatness, Life is beautiful. That’s a fact everyone agrees on. No matter what circumstances we might be going through at whatever stage we are- there’s a consensus that we all seem to agree upon, and that is the fact that we want to be counted among the living. So, does this mean that we…

A Different Narrative

Hello Greatness, I remember listening to some Christian teachings while I was younger, it used to instill fear in me. This is not the right kind of fear, we are supposed to have the fear of God. This fear I’m referring to is the kind that makes me want to do something, not out of…

Rejoice in Your Gift

Hello Greatness, One of the biggest ways to get discouraged and become an underachiever is by comparing yourself to others. I know it’s sometimes pretty difficult not to compare yourself to others when you find them doing the same thing as you, and it seems like they’ve gone farther than you have. Been there, done…

God’s Greatest Desire

Hello Greatness I had loads of assumptions about what I thought God wanted from me as a Christian. I thought- Oh!! If I stayed in church and joined the workforce in church then God would definitely be pleased with me. I also thought I couldn’t wait to start making money so I could give God…

Sustaining God’s Favor- The Esther Series

This week’s post deals with our attitude when it comes to approaching God. How do you worship God? What works for you? We all deserve God’s unmerited favor, but do we still want to keep that term “unmerited”?

How Tables Turn- The Esther Series

Have you ever had those moments when it feels like there’s no hope for you coz every thing and everyone screams at you to give up? No where to turn to and no one to trust. Well, I have good news, God is always there to defend you. Learn more about how God can change the story for you in this post.

Don’t Be A Dinosaur- The Esther Series

Lots of people are resistant to change without realizing how important it is to success. You can always do more than you think you can. Read more about why you need to change.

Ask the Appropriate Questions- The Esther Series

This post is the second in the Esther series. This shows us an important lesson in Esther’s life about asking the appropriate questions in order to fulfill our purpose. Be intentional about your purpose.