Leave Your Comfort Zone

Hey guys,
      Well today I’m not going to be serious, at least not so much, I have a gist for you instead. So last week, and yeah I know it’s a late post, been lazy, anyways, I went with my sister to the fellowship. And as was the practice in Faith tabernacle, they had a spiritual week of emphasis from Wednesday to Friday since it was the first week of the month. I managed to get myself out of the Wednesday meeting, but I couldn’t miss the next day’s meeting as my dad and sisters were bent on me going. Glad I did tho.
        Anyways to the story of the day, I got there, and well to all the ladies out there, I know that you like to study your environment when you get there, so the first few minutes when we get to a place we play the nice girl and appear to be shy, but we know deep within us that we’re not. So my gentle self was there now, trying as much as possible not to get noticed when it was time for us to give offerings, after praying on the offerings we were asked to sit down while the choir sang, wasn’t used to that but I sat down.
     Then they started to sing, and since I was not used to sitting down while giving offering, it felt weird just sitting down, and my sister was not around to talk with, so I was just staring and looking around, just enough not to get noticed. Just a few minutes after,I started to have a conversation in my mind which turned out to be the Holy Spirit talking to me.  I brushed it aside as it’s just my mind, it’s just because I’m not used to this, that’s why I’m thinking this way. Then to make the point very clear to me, the choir raised a song: “Jesus Jesus it is with much pleasure that I praise your name”, that was when the Holy Spirit started to shout into my ears. Are you really singing this song and just okay with singing this song and sitting there?!!! It just kept ringing in my ears, before I knew it, I got a shove that pushed me up and I started to dance, and just like that, other people started to join me, and I could just feel it that the Holy Spirit was happy.
     Btw, before I stood up I was asked to look up the word pleasure so that I know what it means, let me show you, it means: “a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoymemt”. So we even added much to it, lol. Anyways I think the point of this story is that you sometimes have to get out of your comfort zone when the Holy Spirit wants you to, because He’s an interesting personality. Get to know Him.

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  1. It's always al abt God,Av learnt not to Eva wait for anyone to do anytim in church as iyz an individual race not a joint one


  2. That's true, glad I listened to the Holy Spirit


  3. B Alfa says:

    Nyc…datz true…we are pace setters.tnx!


  4. B Alfa says:

    Nyc…datz true…we are pace setters.tnx!


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