What Fascinates Me About God….

Hello Friends,

Before reading today’s post, I’d like you to answer one question and then come back to reading the rest of the post—— “What one thing fascinates you about God?”

I was scrolling through my Instagram page recently and I saw a question that’s now giving me a sleepless night. (Trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds). Anyways, it was a question about the one thing that fascinates you the most about God and I wrote about God’s love for us.
Of course, that was a great answer….. and you’d think that it’s enough for me, but why am I still up? Let me give you an insight into my thought process and why it’s keeping me up. So have you ever been in a situation where someone’s being sassy with you and you just can’t think of a comeback that’s befitting the situation…. like it could be one word or a sentence that would put the person in their place? And then maybe a minute or two after the person is gone, one beautiful comeback comes to mind that would have been perfect for the situation, but by then it’s too late? (I know of people who are never caught unawares- my sister and Jesus. Reading through John 7, people wanted to trap Jesus by asking Him what to do to a sinful woman and He simply asked the first one without sin to cast a stone).

Well, that’s exactly how I feel about this. Now, no one is stopping me from going back to the post and commenting again, but I decided to share it here instead. A simple verse dropped in my mind and I feel that it’s something to think about.

I hurt with the hurt of my people. I mourn and am overcome with grief.” Jeremiah‬ ‭8:21‬ ‭NLT‬

By His stripes are we healed. He said He became poor so we may live in abundance. A verse says Jesus wept because His friend died. We don’t serve a God who is insensitive or too far away in Heaven to care what’s going on with us. It’s like a verse I’m reading about Gideon and the gods the Israelites had built in Judges 6:25-31. He burnt them down in the middle of the night and when they found out it was him, his dad defended him by asking why those gods couldn’t defend themselves. Those gods were built by human hands so how can they defend themselves. But the God I serve is way beyond capable of defending us.

One major reason He is sensitive to our pain is that He can relate with a lot of those feelings…… He’s being hurt both physically and emotionally as well. He was bruised for our transgressions. His own people rejected Him. He was betrayed, disappointed by the people who should be praying with Him. He’s being tempted as well, by what He really needed, not what He wanted but needed, so He understands that it takes a lot to resist temptation which is why He salutes you when you resist yours as well. He knows what it means to hunger and thirst. He has been abused, mocked, embarrassed, rejected. He knows how to comfort you because He’s being there. Who else fits the position of a comforter than someone who knows what you’re going through and can help you through the pain? You see, we don’t serve a God who is dead or dumb, He reacts to our pain and wishes above all else that we may prosper and be in good health.
Earlier, I mentioned Gideon. In many ways, God reacts to us the way He reacted to Gideon. You see, God sees way beyond the ordinary human eye. He calls you by the purpose He has deposited in you. There will be situations that might want to tamper with your self-esteem, so He calls you by your purpose. Gideon was one of the weakest men from the weakest tribe in Israel. Those situations were hindrances that shouldn’t have made him known in Israel. But he was addressed as the mighty man of valor/warrior. Of course, he tried to talk his way out of it by reminding God of his present situation, but God called him by who he was created to be. Would you rather be known for your weaknesses or be called by your purpose?

Now at the beginning of this post I asked you a question. I’m looking forward to seeing your answers. I hope you didn’t peek to see mine.
Don’t be surprised to see others have the same thought as you do. However, be open to learn and please come back here if at any point a thought comes to mind in the middle of the night like it did me. I’d be happy to read it!!!



17 thoughts on “What Fascinates Me About God….

  1. The way he comes through for His people amazes me….at that deepest time when we are troubled and in just seconds everything changes….

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  2. His Mercy! Ever merciful God, He has a bowel of Mercy. He is the Éleyinju And. Always ready to receive us back after we’ve gone our way, just like the prodigal son. His arms are always ready to receive us back. Father, I pray not to misuse your Mercy.


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